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I recently cloned, or copied, the photo gallery template site and took it for a test-drive. Here are my thoughts…

These are the main areas that I covered:

  • setting up the website
    • clone the site and set up the blog, for recording my experience
    • change the colour theme
    • delete the sample galleries
    • edit the home page, about and contact pages
  • creating galleries
    • create a Wikidot gallery
    • create two Photobucket galleries

Setting up the website

This is a one-off procedure, to be undertaken by the site owner. It is quite straight-forward and there are not too many steps required before you have a fully operational website. A novice user should be able to cope with this task. However, I feel that we could improve this experience by providing a clearer set of instructions, perhaps interactively like a tutorial. Please note that this is not a criticism of Ed's work with the photo gallery template. This is a weakness that I perceive to be in all of the template sites.

Creating galleries

This is something that will be done again and again, by the site owner and/or any other site members. This is quite easy to do, whether you wish to host your photos at Wikidot or with one of the photo archive sites (Flickr, Picasa or Photobucket). Clear instructions are provided on the help menu and the resulting galleries are attractive and easy to navigate. Furthermore, each site member can use whichever photo archive site that they are familiar with and yet the galleries will share a consistent look and feel. I think this is pretty unique!

And so…

All in all, this was a fine experience, with very pleasing results. A novice user should be able to produce a fully functional gallery site in a short period of time. The results can then be enjoyed and shared very quickly, with friends and family all around the World.

Pieter said it all in one sentence on his blog.

Ed's photo sharing app looks perfect for any kind of shared event worth taking photos of: weddings, trips, meetings, demos, parties.

So go on, take the photo gallery template site for a spin today!



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